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Camp Cedarledge is the Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri's biggest and arguably best camp. It is used for troop-camping and trail rides from late August to early June, but this website will focus on the summer programs.


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About the webmaster: Indigo has been Camp Cedarledge's WIT Director, Assistant Camp Director, and Health Aide, in addition to a counselor and a wrangler. In her camper days, she did Kaleidoscope (now called Double Fun) before making her way through the horse program.

Disclaimer: This website is for the private use of Cedarledge staff and campers. It is not the official website for the camp, and does not necessarily reflect the views, opinions or values of the Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri. I am not authorized to give out contact information, directions, etc. about Camp Cedarledge or any of its temporary inhabitants. Please direct all such questions to the Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri website (found in the Links section).

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Hopes? Dreams? Aspirations? Snide remarks? Well you can e-mail Indigo with them all.